Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean, just north of Africa. Madagascar has a total fertility rate of 4.28 children born to women. 50% of the people living in Madagascar are living below the poverty line. However, only have 3.6% of their people unemployed (less than the US). This is because of many of the people are engaged in labor-intensive, low paying jobs. They were 3.6 billion dollars in debt in 2014.

Lake_Anosy,_Central_Antananarivo,_Capital_of_Madagascar,_Photo_by_Sascha_Grabow madagascar-population-pyramid-2014

Antananarivo, Madagascar is the capital of the country and it offers a variety of things to do. One of them is visit the royal palace named Rova-La Palais de la Reine. This sight is a great way to learn about the history of Madagascar and their previous rulers. The top of the castle gives a great view of the entire city. Our contestants will also be able to visit Ambohimanga, a world heritage site. This site consists of a royal city and burial site. This site is filled with a lot of sacred feelings and is maintained through spiritual practice and popular imagination for the past 500 years.

rova-le-palais-de-la Ambohimanga



Cairns and Sydney are located in Australia, which was discovered by the English in 1770. Australia has an abundance of natural resources and they used it to rapidly produce agricultural and manufacturing industries. Australia is also one of the fastest growing regions of the world economically. It has an economic growth of more than 3% each year. The service sector accounts for 70% of their economy. They export and import about 250 billion dollars each year.

Aerial of Cairns

sydney-australia australia-population-pyramid-2014

Cairns is a tropical city located in northern Australia and is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Tourists love this area because it is home to the Great Barrier Reef. Our contestants will go to Cairns to scuba dive this world famous reef, which has lots of biodiversity. Not only will they participate in this breath taking adventure, but our contestants will also explore the Daintree rainforest on a zip-line. The Daintree rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in Australia and it is the oldest continuously surviving rain forest in the world.

diving_experience-cairns_great_barrier_reef NcXHlpFfaebHz0_1280x853

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and the most populated city in Australia. The largest attraction in Sydney is the Opera house. This iconic building is known for its structure that cost 102 million dollars to build. Today world famous Opera singers preform for an audiences up 5,738 people in the opera house. Next our contestants have the opportunity to surf the coats of Bondi Beach. The beach offers many shades of blue waters and golden sand, and is walked upon by thousands every day. This beach also offers an amazing coastal walk along the cliffs surrounding the waters.

Sydney_Opera_House_Sails bondi2_big

Solomon Islands

Honiara is located in The Solomon Islands, in Australia-Oceania on the South Pacific Ocean. There is one main ethnic group found here, Melanesian which is 95.3% of the population. Also, 73.4% of the population found here are Protestant, a form of the Christian religion. The Solomon Islands is one of the least developed countries with a dependency ratio of 76.3%. This country has a warm tropical climate, therefore typhoons are a typical natural disaster for them. Most of their economy is controlled by agriculture (51.9%) which includes growing crops such as cocoa, coconuts, palm kernels, rice, and various types of fruits. The large percentage of agriculture contributes to most jobs being located in the primary sector.

Honiara_general_view solomon-islands-population-pyramid-2014

To see what it’s like to shop for items such as produce and what it’s like to live in Honiara, the contestants will be visiting the Honiara Central Market. The market includes fresh produce from villages, traditional crafts, and the fish market is at the back. Contestants will also be visiting Bonegi i & ii, these are two famous shipwrecks that occurred in the Bonegi creek. They were Japanese troop and supply ships that were shot down by the Americans in 1942. Here, the contestants will be able to snorkel at Bonegi Beach to see the shipwrecks.

15282163 2357701-The-wreck-at-Bonegi-0


Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia near the Gulf of Thailand. Cambodia has a tropical dry climate and their official language is Khmer. Cambodia is a least developed country because it’s a low income country.  Their infant mortality is 51.36 deaths/1,000 live births. They export more than they import so they are spending more money.

Phnom_Penh. sihanoukville-02 cambodia-population-pyramid-2014

Phnom Penh is the capital city and the largest city in Cambodia It was founded in 1434 and known for its wonderful architecture. It is the nation’s center of economic and industrial activities and it’s also the center of security and politics. It has been the capital since the French colonization of Cambodia. It use to be known as the “Pearl of Asia” because people thought it was one of the most beautiful French-built cities. Contestants will be visiting the National Museum of Cambodia and a river festival. The National Museum of Cambodia is the largest cultural museum in Cambodia and it includes over 14,000 items. River festivals are very popular in Cambodia because usually there are lots of dolphins that can be seen. Both of these activities bring lots of revenue to Cambodia because of tourism.

national_museum_1 PhnomPenhWaterFestival

Sihanoukville is a deep water port city in Southwest Cambodia. The beaches here are an international tourist destination. Contestants will be visiting Otres market and High Point Rope Park. Otres market is located on Otres beach and it is unique to their culture. There’s usually people playing instruments so it’s definitely a source for entertainment for visitors and people that live there. The High Point Rope Park has a zip line course and a high ropes course for people of all ages. It’s one of their main tourist attractions besides the beaches.

otres-market-crowd-portrait Image019


Russia is the world’s largest country with a land mass of 6.6 million square miles. Russian is the official language and is spoken by 96.3% of the population. Russia is a developed country located in a polar climate zone. 73.9% of the population lives in an urban area. Russia was once a part of the communist USSR. The USSR began in 1922 and lasted about 70 years before its fall in 1991. The majority of the Russian population works in the service/tertiary industry.

Trekking-in-Kamchatka-Kamen-and-Bezymianny 87f237ba01a48115e0926bb43ba67617 russia-population-pyramid-2014

Kamchatka is a city in Russia that is surrounded by hills and volcanoes. It was founded by a Danish navigator in 1740. This city has a lot of tourism, there are at least 20 different tourism companies that offer bear hunting and paragliding. In this city contestants will be visiting the Valley of Geysers and rafting on the Bystraya river.  The Valley of Geysers has the second largest concentration of geysers in the world. The only way to reach this destination is to go by helicopter. The Bystraya river is the longest river on the Kamchatka peninsula and it is a very popular destination for rafting.

Valley-Of-Geysers-Russia 4936839739_806eae63a2_m

Veliky Novgorod is another city that the contestants will be visiting and it’s one of the most ancient cities found in Russia. Contestants will be visiting St.Sophia’s Cathedral and the Museum of History and art.  St. Sophia’s cathedral is the oldest church building in Russia and is 38 metres high with 5 domes. The Museum of History and art has some of the oldest artifacts in Russia’s history and it shares a lot about their culture.

St._Sophia's 63_Kaliningrad_Regional_Museum

United Arab Emirates

Dubai is located In The United Arab Emirates, in the middle east on the coast of the Persian Gulf. The official language of UAE is Arabic. UAE has recently been named one of the most developed countries in the world, with a GDP per capita of $65,000. With a Dry-Arid desert like climate, there is little arable land, only .56 percent. With such little land available for agriculture, the country make little money from farming. 30 years ago oil was discovered in UAE, this started the drive for urbanization in the country. UAE transformed from an impoverished desert country to a modern state. The economy was controlled by the oil market until 2008 when oil prices dropped. When oil prices dropped UAE reformed the economy so many jobs were located in the tertiary/service sector. In 2014, 78% of the workforce worked in the tertiary sector.


Dubai is the most populous city in UAE. The bulk of profits in Dubai come from the Western-styled economy, the main source of revenue for the city is tourism. The contestants will be visiting three large tourist attractions in Dubai,  the Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Mosque, and the Mall of the Emirates. The Dubai Museum is located in the Al Fahidi Fort which was built in 1787. This fort is the oldest standing building in Dubai. Within the museum contestants will be able to see Artifacts like boats, weapons, and musical instruments from life the traditional Emirates society. The official religion of UAE is Islam so the contestants will be visiting the Jumeirah Mosque. This mosque is considered Dubais most beautiful mosque and tours of the mosque are given daily to help tourists and visitors better understand the Islamic religion. The contestants will attend one of these tours. To witness the development and advancement of Dubai contestants will go to the Mall of Emirates. Similar to Mall of America, The Mall of Emirates has many stores and a small amusement park filled with rides. Along with shops and an amusement park, the mall has its own ski slopes completed with a ski lift.

destinations-dubai-museum-hero jumeirah-mosque-jumeirah-mosque 155


Cairo and Siwa Oasis are located in the country Egypt. Egypt is a more developed country located in northern Africa. Egypt has a population of 82.06 million and a population density of 83 per square kilometer. It has a dependency ratio of 57.6% with 31.5% of the population between the ages zero to fourteen, 63.4% between the ages fifteen to sixty-four, and 5% about the age of sixty-five. Egypt has an annual population growth of 1.8%.

cairo-egypt-4 Siwaegypt-population-pyramid-2014

Cairo is the capital of Egypt as well as the largest city in the Middle-East. The Giza Pyramids are a good site to visit to see the oldest and largest three pyramids in Egypt. There are many King and Queen chambers within these pyramids. Karnak, the largest temple in Egypt, is another amazing site to see. It is the second largest religious site in the world with multiple built over 2,000 years ago.


Statues of Ramses II as Osiris in Karnak Temple, Luxor (Thebes) Egypt.


In Siwa Oasis, visiting the second largest area of continuous area of sand, the Great Sand Sea is a cool site to see. You are able to ride through and are able to see the amazing dunes. Also, Lake Siwa is a beautiful lake with gorgeous sites to see. It is an opportunity to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

060720_sand_sea_02siwa (1)