Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia near the Gulf of Thailand. Cambodia has a tropical dry climate and their official language is Khmer. Cambodia is a least developed country because it’s a low income country.  Their infant mortality is 51.36 deaths/1,000 live births. They export more than they import so they are spending more money.

Phnom_Penh. sihanoukville-02 cambodia-population-pyramid-2014

Phnom Penh is the capital city and the largest city in Cambodia It was founded in 1434 and known for its wonderful architecture. It is the nation’s center of economic and industrial activities and it’s also the center of security and politics. It has been the capital since the French colonization of Cambodia. It use to be known as the “Pearl of Asia” because people thought it was one of the most beautiful French-built cities. Contestants will be visiting the National Museum of Cambodia and a river festival. The National Museum of Cambodia is the largest cultural museum in Cambodia and it includes over 14,000 items. River festivals are very popular in Cambodia because usually there are lots of dolphins that can be seen. Both of these activities bring lots of revenue to Cambodia because of tourism.

national_museum_1 PhnomPenhWaterFestival

Sihanoukville is a deep water port city in Southwest Cambodia. The beaches here are an international tourist destination. Contestants will be visiting Otres market and High Point Rope Park. Otres market is located on Otres beach and it is unique to their culture. There’s usually people playing instruments so it’s definitely a source for entertainment for visitors and people that live there. The High Point Rope Park has a zip line course and a high ropes course for people of all ages. It’s one of their main tourist attractions besides the beaches.

otres-market-crowd-portrait Image019


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