Russia is the world’s largest country with a land mass of 6.6 million square miles. Russian is the official language and is spoken by 96.3% of the population. Russia is a developed country located in a polar climate zone. 73.9% of the population lives in an urban area. Russia was once a part of the communist USSR. The USSR began in 1922 and lasted about 70 years before its fall in 1991. The majority of the Russian population works in the service/tertiary industry.

Trekking-in-Kamchatka-Kamen-and-Bezymianny 87f237ba01a48115e0926bb43ba67617 russia-population-pyramid-2014

Kamchatka is a city in Russia that is surrounded by hills and volcanoes. It was founded by a Danish navigator in 1740. This city has a lot of tourism, there are at least 20 different tourism companies that offer bear hunting and paragliding. In this city contestants will be visiting the Valley of Geysers and rafting on the Bystraya river.  The Valley of Geysers has the second largest concentration of geysers in the world. The only way to reach this destination is to go by helicopter. The Bystraya river is the longest river on the Kamchatka peninsula and it is a very popular destination for rafting.

Valley-Of-Geysers-Russia 4936839739_806eae63a2_m

Veliky Novgorod is another city that the contestants will be visiting and it’s one of the most ancient cities found in Russia. Contestants will be visiting St.Sophia’s Cathedral and the Museum of History and art.  St. Sophia’s cathedral is the oldest church building in Russia and is 38 metres high with 5 domes. The Museum of History and art has some of the oldest artifacts in Russia’s history and it shares a lot about their culture.

St._Sophia's 63_Kaliningrad_Regional_Museum


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