Solomon Islands

Honiara is located in The Solomon Islands, in Australia-Oceania on the South Pacific Ocean. There is one main ethnic group found here, Melanesian which is 95.3% of the population. Also, 73.4% of the population found here are Protestant, a form of the Christian religion. The Solomon Islands is one of the least developed countries with a dependency ratio of 76.3%. This country has a warm tropical climate, therefore typhoons are a typical natural disaster for them. Most of their economy is controlled by agriculture (51.9%) which includes growing crops such as cocoa, coconuts, palm kernels, rice, and various types of fruits. The large percentage of agriculture contributes to most jobs being located in the primary sector.

Honiara_general_view solomon-islands-population-pyramid-2014

To see what it’s like to shop for items such as produce and what it’s like to live in Honiara, the contestants will be visiting the Honiara Central Market. The market includes fresh produce from villages, traditional crafts, and the fish market is at the back. Contestants will also be visiting Bonegi i & ii, these are two famous shipwrecks that occurred in the Bonegi creek. They were Japanese troop and supply ships that were shot down by the Americans in 1942. Here, the contestants will be able to snorkel at Bonegi Beach to see the shipwrecks.

15282163 2357701-The-wreck-at-Bonegi-0


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