Haiti, located in the Caribbean is currently the poorest country in the world and is constantly fighting political stability. They are still trying to overcome the massive earthquake that hit in 2010. The earthquake was a 7.0 and killed around 300,000 people with 7.8 million dollars in damages. Haiti has a free market economy, so the government does not have much power over the people. 80% of the people living in Haiti are below the poverty line. 2/5 of the country relies on the agricultural sector however only 36.28 is arable land for the crops.


Port-au-Prince Is Haiti’s largest and capital city. Our contestants will visit a museum called Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien. It represents the history and culture of the country. This museum is filled with interesting artifacts and beautiful art displaying the people’s lifestyle. Another must see sight in Port-au-Prince is Marche de Fer, which is an indoor market where you can bargain with some of the local sellers. This is excellent place to buy items made by the native people.

from-the-outside-no-cameras 00marche-en-fer





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