Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean, just north of Africa. Madagascar has a total fertility rate of 4.28 children born to women. 50% of the people living in Madagascar are living below the poverty line. However, only have 3.6% of their people unemployed (less than the US). This is because of many of the people are engaged in labor-intensive, low paying jobs. They were 3.6 billion dollars in debt in 2014.

Lake_Anosy,_Central_Antananarivo,_Capital_of_Madagascar,_Photo_by_Sascha_Grabow madagascar-population-pyramid-2014

Antananarivo, Madagascar is the capital of the country and it offers a variety of things to do. One of them is visit the royal palace named Rova-La Palais de la Reine. This sight is a great way to learn about the history of Madagascar and their previous rulers. The top of the castle gives a great view of the entire city. Our contestants will also be able to visit Ambohimanga, a world heritage site. This site consists of a royal city and burial site. This site is filled with a lot of sacred feelings and is maintained through spiritual practice and popular imagination for the past 500 years.

rova-le-palais-de-la Ambohimanga


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