Spain is a developed country in Southwestern Europe. The literacy rate in Spain is a high 98.1%. The official language is Castilian Spanish. 94% of spain is follows the Roman Catholic church. This large percentage of Catholics is due to the Christian reconquest in spain. When Spanish Christians took control of Spain all Muslims and Jews were expelled from Spain, leaving the population mostly Roman Catholic. Spain is located in a Mediterranean climate zone.

Madrid-City-at-Nightdownload spain-population-pyramid-2014

Madrid is the capital of Spain, it is the largest and most populated city in Spain. The city is filled with culture and art. While in Madrid, contestants will be able to see a small piece of Spain’s culture at the Reina sofia museum and the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. The Reina Sofia Museum is Spain’s national museum for 20th century art. This museum features artwork from Juan Gris, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and many more.  The contestants main purpose in going to the museum is to view Pablo Picasso’s painting, Guernica. This painting is one of the most significant relics from the Spanish Civil War. The war lasted between 1936-1939, it was between the Nationalist, supported by Nazi Germany, and the Republicans, supported by Russia. The Guernica shows the destruction of a small basque town by aerial bombardment. After the Reina Sofia Museum, contestants will visit the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. This is the location that the soccer team Real Madrid plays all of their home games. Soccer is the largest sport in Spain so the contestants will be able to witness a large part of the Spanish culture.

madrid_2_199 Satellite

The contestants will also visit Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain. Here in barcelona they will go to the Gothic Quarter. This neighborhood is named the Gothic Quarter due to its distinct architecture style. In the Gothic District Contestants will need to find a group of people dancing the Sardana. This is a very important Catalan dance that symbolizes unity and pride. After witnessing the Sardana, the contestants will visit the UN Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility in Barcelona. This institute’s mission is to research globalization, culture and mobility in countries to promote cultural diversity. They also aim to promote development especially focusing on gender inequality.

gothic-quarter-b hospital-sant-pau


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